Become a Prudential Insurance Agent or Office Worker?

If you are asked to choose between being a prudential insurance agent or employee at an office, what is your choice? This question is not too difficult to answer because just choose one. Most people choose to be a prudential insurance agent and others choose to be office workers. Already found the right choice? If it does not, it’s good to know the ratio of the two professions is by looking at the following three points:



When compared on the stability of income, into office workers are more favored, especially when compared with the insurance agent starters. However, if income than from insurance agents and office workers with several years of experience, insurance agents is much favored because of their total revenue of more than 5 million dollars per month. This is one keuntungan menjadi agen prudential desired by many novice agents. Yup, every agent has a great opportunity to earn commissions and salaries in the millions of dollars per month for the hard work that has been done. To know more about commissions, please visit this Instagram.


At this point, it is clearly becoming more favorable insurance agent. Why? Working hours of each agent is very flexible. They can work at any time as you wish and need. Even if you already have a subordinate agent, no need to work, you remain earning money every month. This is very different from the working time office workers. They must enter the office at 7 or 8 am and return at 4 or 5 pm. If there is overtime, we can be sure that they will come home until late at night. Arguably go when the sun rises and go home when the sun was down. For those who already have their own family, this is not good because the time to gather with loved ones will be reduced. In fact, attention to the couple and the child will be a very difficult thing to do.

I have a neighbor who is an office worker. In the first month of work, there is no problem with working hours because I saw he could return before the evening came. However, in the ensuing months, she came home after sunset, after the evening prayer, and finally almost midnight. He looks tired and very often heard screams from inside the house. It is probable, suspected his wife angry at him for wandering after working hours. Currently, he had stopped working at his old office and try their luck elsewhere. Honestly, I feel sorry and could not if it should work that way.


For employee at office, their bonus is related to money or treating eating at the restaurant. Probably the most exciting is going to attractions in another city. Well, if you are a Prudential insurance agent, your bonus is traveling out of the country, such as Singapore, Malaysia, France, Italy, and others. This can be achieved thanks to the appreciation of the company Prudential itself to agents who successfully carry out their duties very well. Indeed, not all agents can earn this bonus, but certainly for agents who already have a lot of subordinates will be a great opportunity for walks abroad.

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